1 /saUnd/ noun
1 SENSATION (U) something that you hear, or what can be heard: strange sounds coming from the next room
(+ of): the sound of voices | not make a sound (=keep quiet): Don't make a sound, any of you! | Light travels faster than sound. | a vowel sound —see noise 1
a) the sound produced by a television or radio broadcast, a film etc: We apologize for the loss of sound during that report. | a sound engineer
b) the loudness of a television, radio, film etc: Turn the sound down will you?
3 by the sound of it/things judging from what you have heard or read about something: By the sound of it, her problems are worse than we thought.
4 not like the sound of to feel worried by something that you have heard or read: I don't like the sound of this. How long has she been missing?
5 sounds (plural) BrE spoken music, especially on a record, cassette etc: Have you got any sounds?
2 verb
1 SEEM (linking verb) if something or someone sounds good, bad, strange etc, that is how they seem to you when you hear or read about them: sound like: Serge's idea sounds like fun. | sound good/bad/awful etc: Istanbul sounds really exciting. | Sue sounds a strange person. | -50 sounds about right. | it sounds as if/as though: It sounds to me as if he needs professional help.
2 VOICE (linking verb) to seem to show a particular quality with your voice: sound tired/cheerful/awful etc: Josie didn't sound very keen when I spoke to her. | sound as if/as though: You sound as if you've got a cold.
3 MKE A NOISE (I, T) if something sounds or if you sound it, it makes a noise: The bell sounded for dinner. | sound sth: Sound your horn to warn other drivers.
4 sound the alarm to warn people of danger
5 PRONOUNCE (transitive usually passive) technical to make the sound of a letter in a word: The `s' in `island' is not sounded.
6 MEASURE DEPTH (T) technical to measure the depth of the sea, a lake etc
—see also: soundings (2) sound off phrasal verb (I)
1 informal to express strong opinions about something especially when you are complaining angrily: sound off about: Philip's always sounding off about the environment.
2 AmE if soldiers sound off they shout out their names to show that they are present
sound sb/sth out phrasal verb (T) to talk to someone in order to find out what they think about a plan or idea: I think I ought to sound him out about it before doing anything. | We'd like to sound out your ideas on the new project. 3 adjective
1 WELL-JUDGED sensible and likely to produce the right results: sound advice/judgement/reasons: Ted'll always give you sound advice. | an environmentally sound policy | a sound investment
—opposite unsound
2 PERSON someone who is sound can be depended on to make good decisions and give good advice: a sound person to have on a committee
(+ on): Brown is not altogether sound on matters of finance. —opposite unsound
3 THOROUGH complete and thorough: a sound knowledge of the European market
4 IN GOOD CONDITION in good condition and not damaged in any way: The bodywork's sound but the engine needs replacing. | sound as a bell (=in perfect condition)
5 HEALTHY physically or mentally healthy: sound as a bell (=in perfect health) | of sound mind law (=not mentaly ill): Dorothy contested the will, saying that Mr. Palmer had not been of sound mind when it was drawn up.
6 SLEEP sound sleep is deep and peaceful: sound sleeper (=someone who always sleeps well)
7 PUNISHMENT severe and thorough: a sound beating
— soundness noun (U) 4 adverb sound asleep deeply asleep

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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